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Direct Mail Automation

Tool For Automating Direct Mail Marketing

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Spread the loveThe goal of every direct mail marketing campaign is to get a lead in front of the customer and converting them into a client or subscriber. There are many different ways you can go about doing this. In…

Direct Mail API

Top Direct Mail API Solution – Making Use of the Right API

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Spread the loveProviding your clients with the most up-to-date information is critical to your business and it can be difficult to get this done without the help of a top direct mail API provider. If you are one of the…

Online RN To BSN – What You Should Know About This Option

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Spread the loveOnline RN to BSN Programs have opened up many doors for working nurses who are otherwise unable to get the education they need to advance their career. It is much easier than ever to complete an RN to…

Effective Teaching Practices for Reaching Boys

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Spread the loveIn the December/January issue of Phi Delta Kappan, Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley explore effective teaching practices for reaching boys. In their study, they looked for common characteristics of effective practice reported by a large sample of teachers and boys….

Will Our Digital Lives Become Digital Histories?

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Spread the loveA recent episode of Spark on CBC radio made me think about the way we teach history. The program dealt, in part, with using digital technology to preserve memories, heritage and culture. In a particularly poignant story, Meryl Swiatek recalls…

Co-constructing Criteria? Try Developing an Acronym with Students

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Spread the loveIn an effort to improve student responses to lab questions, Peggy, a Science teacher at Stratford Central Secondary School, developed a strategy for co-constructing criteria. Instead of creating a large anchor chart or poster, Peggy had students create…

Importance of Log sheets in Co-operative Education

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Spread the loveCo-op students are required to complete log sheets on a daily basis.   They need to be able to effectively communicate ideas, tasks, day to day problems, and reflect on their Co-op experience. Completing log sheets in some form…

Don’t Forget to Show People Who You Really Are

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Spread the loveBefore I left for the Unplug’d Canadian Education Summit, my best friend gave me some solid advice: Try to be open and let people in. Our conversation was a little bit longer than that, but the message was about…

Learning Conversations and Classroom Talk

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Spread the loveFirst we learn to speak, then we learn to listen, then talk.Finally, we learn what our voice means.                                         …