Inquiry: How do I get students to fully explain and support ideas with the appropriate calculations and technical language with clarity and full justification of reasoning?

I chose this question because I was receiving work from students that only had the words to explain their reasoning and no support with calculations.  Even the work explanations were not fully justified.

Instructional Strategies:

I used an assessment question as a tool for learning.  As a class, we looked at a couple of sample of Level 4 work that students had done for that questions.  I asked students to reflect on the answer that they gave for the question and improve their solution.

I also added the anchor charts to the classroom wall that were discussed at Leaders’ Council (Math Heads) by the Head at F.E. Madill.

I tried giving these types of questions for assessment on a separate day from the rest of the test.  Many students did give more detailed answers in this case (in the 2D class).  This was not the case in the MAP 4C class.

I did see some improvement for many students in terms of the depth of answers given and the supporting evidence with diagrams and calculations.  For a few students, there did not seem to be any movement at all regardless of the strategies that I was trying.

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