Inquiry: How can I get students to make connections between their placement and learning and how to get students to communicate fully to their teachers in logs and journals.

I chose this question because this is the area of coop that I find the most frustrating.  There isn’t a lot of time to teach students to communicate fully so I wanted to find a better way to teach them throughout the course.

I have posted a  journal below from the beginning of the year to help demonstrate my frustrations.

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The things that I attempted after the WAC group were:

  • creating charts for students to fill in
  • splitting questions up to two or more instead of one
  • anchor chart on how to write a good journal (during in-class – they were made on chart paper)
  • changing rubric to more of a Level 4 checklist
  • re-submit journals if incomplete

The biggest change I think was the format of the questions and rubric.  Students seemed to ‘fill out’ the journal better when there was more white space and graphics like charts.  I have attached a few revised journals.

The results were mixed. For most of the students it helped them describe procedures and explain questions better.  For the students that were not handing in journals it didn’t really assist them in communication.

Journal Examples

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Journal #4

Journal #5

Journal #6

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