Last week I was at St Marys DCVI for one of our board’s teacher inquiry meetings. At the end of the session, Richard Farmer, an English teacher with an interest in technology and cooperative learning, asked me if I would like to see some of the structural changes he has made in his classroom.

Richard does not have expensive, new materials in his room. He has salvaged tables from around the school, but the arrangement of his classroom space speaks to the value he places on social learning. Here are two video clips and some pictures. Richard has given me permission to share.

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  1. Daniel Ballantyne says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Kim and Richard! I’ve just returned from ECOO and have been thinking about changing the layout of my classroom to better reinforce a collaborative environment.
    While at the conference, i posted a question about changing the desk layout for my students and within the day i had 7 comments, all were positive about grouping desks into clusters instead of rows.
    Richard, your reflections have given me further reason to pursue this.


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