Jillian McConkey & Barb Breen – Question Structure from Kim McGill on Vimeo.

Barb taught students how to deconstruct questions.  Students learned how to use T-charts to show their thinking when answering Math questions.  Watch Barb and Jill talk about question structure. Structure of a Strategy

Inquiry: Did anyone (boys) feel that the Question Structure Format improved your ability to solve word problems? How?

I had between 3 to 10 boys from each of my class strongly feel that this format was a much better way in which to solve word problems.

Student Quotes

This student has an IEP. He felt that this format:

“Is much easier to work when everything is spread out. It also helps you work on the task at hand.”
– Student #1

As the student’s teacher, this format helped the student structure his work in a step by step format that made sense and that allowed him the freedom to answer the word problem in a variety of different ways.

“I liked it better because it helped me understand the questions more and made my marks go up on the work sheets”.
– Student #2

The Question Structure format was successful for this student again because of the structure and yet freedom in answering the word problem. I observed that this student had more to demonstrate than the other method used.

“This format helped my ability to solve problems by letting me explore different ways to solve problems with the how and why. It also made solving problems much easier because of the many ways the format allows us to solve a problem.”
– Student #3

Again, structure with freedom.

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